SENSIBLE GARDEN – series of “techno-ecological” artistic workshop and exhibition 
04/07/2019 – 06/07/2019 
RIXC / RIXC Gallery and the Art Academy of Latvia

“Sensible Garden” is a series of “techno-ecological” the workshop of production of the artworks that have been developed by students – Isabella Münnich, Vanessa Bosch, Christopher von Frankenberg, Janis Zeckai, Chelsea Polk with Buck McDaniel and Jacob Kirkwood, Paula Vitola, Ieva Viksne, Ivo Taurins,  Renars Garda and Milda Ziemane, who were performing listening, sensing and visualizing experiments during their fieldwork in Karlsruhe and Riga.

Ecology and our relationship with nature plays an important role today in post-media art practices, as it often uses ideas from the open cultures, about sharing resources and tackling social issues through participatory and social mechanisms, as well as addressing issues such as renewable energy, sustainability, biodiversity, and interspecies relations.

During “Techno-Ecologies” seminar by guest professor Dr Rasa Smite, the students were exploring the relations between the artistic and natural, scientific and emotional, sensible and actual, imaginable and real, human and non-human worlds. As a result, immersive sound and visual artworks have been created.