RC aims to create, connect, compare, disseminate and promote contemporary EU interdisciplinary art related to social studies and migration. The project covers the field of contemporary interdisciplinary culture, art and creativity connected to science, especially social and applied sciences and ICT. RC will increase transnational mobility, audience development, digitalization and new sustainable models. RC entails interacting with different target audiences, esp. building connectivity between new-coming migrants and settled inhabitants of multicultural EU communities.

A connectivity will be reached by creative production, education and ICT, matching common interests of youngsters, children, scholars, students, artists, cultural, social and scientifc workers, (in)formal educators, women, active elderly people. Communication with the national Stakeholders’ Committees including governmental workers, politicians and NGO’s is infuential.

“RC will co-create future cultural EU strategies.”



  • Embracing European urban territory, RC will assure transnational mobility of EU experts/artists/productions in EU and wider through established networks; RC is strongly connected to different local communities of all partners


  • Consolidating active participation of different target audiences, esp. new immigrants and people living in multicultural communities and in diasporas, by strengthening active interest in public issues of future social structure, sciences, technology. Science’s active interest in cultural values with support for dissemination of ideas; awareness of science as a cultural and society paradigm; stimulating active citizenship through creative thinking and active participation by co-workings, workshops, trainings, education, hands-on creation, art production, creative communication, creative idea modules.
  • RC intertwines culture, sciences, art, geopolitics and demography. RC constructively shares cultural models of critical thinking, activism, creative acts and experimentation with ICT, scientifc methods, research and community engaging programs.
  • Trainings of new professional educators, workshops for target audiences and trainings for the Migrant Ambassador of Culture are parts of sustainable effects. The sustainable co-working model is based on good practice in multicultural communities: art, ICT, science, design, music, social management, alternative culinary and food production, production of survival kits.


  • developing an innovative augmented reality mobile application as the heart of the RC strongly connected to building the audience
  • digital upgrade of creative idea modules, data visualizations, creative communication, avatars
  • augmented reality e-book
  • interactive installations
  • digital art-works
  • sustainable networking and archiving


  • to integrate the local communities (non-migrants) into ideas of mobility and multicultural exchange
  • to increase communication and exchange between migrant and non-migrant individuals and communities for better integration
  • to stimulate co-working/networking models amongst experts and migrants
  • to influence public views on migrations through creative communication
  • to empower quality of visual art in mass media and public places
  • to encourage intercultural dialogue and solidarity, cross-culture platforms and mutual collaborative approaches through interdisciplinary culture
  • to empower the interdisciplinary culture sector, participatory art and encourage trans-disciplinary practices
  • to empower digital shift for target groups
  • to transfer innovative ICT models and results, open source patents, free access to innovations, applications for open society (augmented reality, avatars, ecloud), to multicultural creative users.
  • to implement new multitasking jobs (e-skills) into RC networking
  • to engage with social, religious and cultural backgrounds of migrants and non-migrants for stimulating exchanges and melting points/networking