Results of the Open Call for artists in residence in Rijeka
MMSU / Krešimirova 26c, 51000 Rijeka

Within the Open Call for artists in residence in Rijeka three membered jury: Jelena Androić, Ksenija Orelj and Marina Tkalčić – curators from MMSU, chose the following artists for collaboration:

– Fotini Gouseti with the project of ethnographic and artistic research of Moreno figure

– Krzysztof Gutfranski with the research project  based on tempo-spatial cultural dynamics in the context of Rijeka

– Lauren Moffatt with the project Local Binaries

– Vangjush Vellahu with art production of the new sequence of the artwork Home Conversations

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RISK CHANGE project team and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art would like to thank to all candidates that applied for the Open Call.


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