Prepared by each partner until end of May 2017, National reports on migration and migration issues (10) will cover the results from desk researches made by partners and conducted interviews in local / national communities. Each national report should cover 30-40 pages in total, following the same structure.

All national reports will be then summarised into Preliminary Research Report (1), reaching the first milestone of RC project.

The last stage of the research will be reached with RC Overall Research Report on immigrants in local communities, based on 600 interviews done in Preliminary Research Phase (60 each partner) and implemented with up-to-date information on migration topics in partner countries connected with interdiscipliarity, cultural and educational projects identified in on-going RC survey – wrap-up will be done by FOPSIM and presented as main delivery of WP2: RC Overall Research Report Publication.


ACAX report

ACAX BUDAPEST – National_Report

FOPSIM reports

FOPSIM MALTA – Risk Change quantitative research

MMSU reports

MMSU RIJEKA – Quantitative_Research_Report_

MSUV reports


NKUA reports

RC Qualitative Research Report I – A Study on Technology-BordersMigration (technology and borders, border organisations and simple migrant technologies)

It includes a study on the connection between migration and health issues (so as to usher in the effort of understanding the migration COVID-19 pandemic). This research included the carrying out of several research theses, undergraduate and graduate, including the following:
– Daphne Lensing, Using ANT Perspectives to Understand Border Control, Resistance & Change, 2018.
– Vasilis Argyriou, The techno-politics of smart borders: from biometrics to biomarkers, 2020.

The research undertaken will  appear in upcoming scholarly publications, (e.g. in Science and Society and EUV Borders in Motion Centre Working Paper Series). To be delivered by the end of the project.

RC Quantitative Research Report II – A Study of the use of Visualisation regarding Migration 

It includes a study of the use of visualization regarding migration on borders. To be delivered by the end of the project.

RC Extra Research Report – Migration and the Covid19 Pandemic

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-NKUA ATENE RC_Preliminary_Quantitative_Report

RIXC reports

Risk Change interviews

TMC reports

TMC proposed an ethical code of conduct for the research work package in July 2016.     

Qualitative research

-Cultural and Stakeholders Networks

ZINC reports

Preliminary Quantitative National Report

-ZINC Pressreview – large scale exhibition
-Des lignes
-RC Dissemination ZINC
-Sensibilisation à l’utilisation du jeu vidéo comme outil pédagogique_formation professionnelle