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Terres Communes 

ZINC / 11. - 25.5.2020

Terres Communes 11. - / Selected Artists : Renaud Vercey - Emmanuel Vigier Terres Communes was born in 2012, in a transdisciplinary construction, which called upon an artist-developer, a documentary filmmaker,…
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ZINC Lectures

ZINC / Lectures

Lectures published in ZINC revue Juillet 2018 : ;Hacktiviste des frontières, Isabelle Arvers et Rajwa Thomé  ;Portfolio "Chacun sa place", Manon Avram  ;3 questions à, collectif Transbordeur  ;Cartographie d'un monde…
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The Clear Line 

ZINC / 15.2. - 15.2.2019

The Clear Line  -  ZINC / Marseille Artist selected : Eric Dode From The Clear Line is an interactive video installation project dealing with the socio-cultural issues related to the…
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