Through 2 open calls for collaborators we intend to get interested people for 2 creative workshops/commissions in Maribor and Novi Sad being mentored by a well recognized designer on the 3-days intensive workshops. The best 2 multitasking designers will be selected by the CC Expert Group of 4 people from partners’ consortium. 2 creative communicators are going to work 4 years on-line and meet during RC project on 4 live creative meetings (Amsterdam, Leicester, Maribor, Amsterdam) -joining RC production/co-working/open lab locations. 

390 actions connected to all WPs will happen on-going 4 years on- and off-line, related to actual migration problematic with help of recruited local communities’ groups, students, designers, visual communicators, communication experts, artists, graffiti creators etc. gaining through open calls by all partners. The group is supporting all RC activities with creative ideas, images, slogans – under free access, open source and/or creative commons. Type of actions: visualisation (logotypes, signs,  graphic design, images, diagrams, charts, maps, animations etc.), advertisements, slogans, promotional contents in a form of printed material, stickers, gadgets, mini and big graffiti, urban interventions, guerilla actions, visual material/video clips for electronic media, such as mobile ICT application, social media, web and possible mass media advertisements. All urban actions (painted walls, interactive installations, 133 actions of a durable character etc.) are going to be done with permissions of authorities. All partners will enable access to creations to all target groups.


Creative Communication action in Novi Sad, Serbia.
October 2017
Artist: name:

RC Creative Communication action in Zejtun, Malta.
October 2017
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part 2
Grafitti action part 2 in Zejtun, Malta,
performed by artist Name: for Risk Change Project

Creative Communication action:
Miha Erjavec in Erik Ritzel 
Berlin, Riga – 14.11. – 12.12.2017

Miha Erjavec: Berlin – 14.11.2017 – 19.11.2017

Miha Erjavec, Erik Ritzel: Riga – 19.11.2017 – 26.11.2017; Malta – 26.11.2017 – 12.12.2017  

Creative Communication action: Miha Erjavec
17.2. – 11.3.2018
European cities

Miha Erjavec: Zurich, Lyon, Vienna, Prague, Pariz, London, Milano, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Berlin
Miha Erjavec: Ljubljana – Milano: 17.2.2018; Milano – Zurich: 18.2.2018; Zurich – Lyon: 20.2.2018; Lyon – Pariz: 22.2.2018; Pariz – London: 24.2.2018; London – Amsterdam: 27.2.2018; Amsterdam – Eindhoven: 1.3.2018-4.3.2018; Eindhoven – Dussseldorf – Berlin: 4.3.2018; Berlin – Praga: 6.3.2018; Praga – Dunaj: 9.3.2018; Dunaj – MB: 11.3.2018;

Creative Communication action in Marseille, France.
April 2018
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