Risk Change project is co-funded by European Union, program Creative Europe.

“Migration is a natural law: everything moves, everybody migrates.Respect the mobility of human life.”


Europe faces major structural challenges – globalization, migration, poverty and and aging population. The economic downturn has made these issues even more pressing. The gap between culture, science, economy, politics planners and wider society has been shown to still exist, although surveys reveal a very positive and optimistic perception of what science and technology can actually do for humanity in terms of improvement of life quality, survival strategies, medical research and opportunities for future generations.

A better understanding of what is going on in contemporary environment and society can be achieved by sharing knowledge, opening closed scientifc circles and isolating institutions, and displaying complex problems to public and engaging audiences in creative ways.


  • RC is alluding to people who must take a risk of change for the better.
  • RC aims to integrate cultural diversity related to contemporary migrations and continuous social and cultural change in 21st Century in EU.
  • RC is actualizing contemporary social phenomena through active connectivity of trans- and interdisciplinary art, culture, science, education, ICT and new audiences.
  • A step towards a new – humanistic – mind-set.
  • Migration should be accepted as mobility of many different kinds.


RC will refect and co-construct migration policies in EU and wider in innovative ways. EU is building internal walls (Hungary, Bulgaria, GB and France), without a common strategy on migration and human rights. Mass media stages problems: once asylum seekers are victims, then potential terrorists; some media represent racist non-migrant policies etc. A broader view is very rare.

Art, science and culture are able to rise above simplistic humanitarian or extreme right wing approaches and point out a complex relationship of local spaces and global forces. Contemporary migration tests EU identity and diversity, common culture and philosophy.


RC aims to create, connect, compare, disseminate and promote contemporary EU interdisciplinary art related to social studies and migration. The project covers the field of contemporary interdisciplinary culture, art and creativity connected to science, especially social and applied sciences and ICT. RC will increase transnational mobility, audience development, digitalization and new sustainable model. RC entails interacting with different target audiences, esp. building connectivity between new-coming migrants and settled inhabitants of multicultural EU communities.