In a first step the RC Ethical Code of Conduct and RC questionnaire were prepared and disscussed amongst partners at Kick-off Meeting in Maribor.


Ethical Code was produced by The Mighty Creatives and confirmed by all partners in September 2016.

You can read the RC Ethical Code of Conduct here.


The aim of the interviews phase is to receive 60 questionnaires/interviews delivered by partner which means 600 interviews in total.

Also the questionnaire will be divided into 2 parts, the quantitative and the qualitative. The templates for questionnaires were prepared by ACE KIBLA and partners made updates and corrections on them until end of October, when the common agreement was made.

Migrants will be discretely asked about their personal experiences, involvement into local communities, wishes and expectations about integration process and their personal competences and skills so they could be asked to get involved directly into RC activities. Migrants will be asked where they draw information about country of staying from and which support institutions/services/policies there are in that country.

In order to deliver 60 interviews in a comparable way, each partner will organize transcripts, voice and/or video recordings and recruit 60 migrants from local/national community over 18 years old, who might already be available to become future participants in RC activities.

How to use the questionnaire?

All questionnaires are programmed in web-based surveying programme, and already translated into English. All partners will receive a link to the questionnaire in English ready to be used.

Online questionnaire is meant as a supporting tool for all partner to ease the process of statistical analysis. Namely, the surveying programme allows exports of graphical data and all statisticaly significant numbers in order to make the reporting process easier.


After all 60 interviews have been done, partners will prepare the statistical report that will blend into the RC Overall preliminary report on migration topics.

FOPSIM will gather all 600 interviews and make the analysis for the Overall report on migration and migration topics in partner countries.


This instrument will be used to deepen the results of the desk research and to conduct life-stage-based interviews about the migration topics and related issus with members of target groups in local / national communties. The interviews will follow an interview guide and therefore be semi-structured.

The aim concerning the topic of migration is to explore perceptions and experiences on migration and migration related topics from the target groups side, with special emphasis on interdisciplinary contents (art/education/science/technology) and experiences of included interviewers.

Aim of interview-stage is to get information AND to get the participants for our future activities regarding development of the project.