Uncertain Notes from the Semi-periphery –
physical pop-up conference
ACAX / Glassyard gallery, Paulay Ede u. 25-27, Budapest

Public and academic discussions have completely ignored the fact that the recent wave of anti-racism and decololonization movements have sparked intensive reactions from Eastern European countries, including Hungary, for the first time. These reactions dominantly focused on Western events but never actually defined decolonialism, nor looked at the global, geographical implications of colonialism. The speakers of the pop-up conference from different positions will put in the light the various issues of the migration, multiculturalism, racial equity and xenophoby in a semi-peripheric context.

Program: Dimensions: Historical and Global, Zoltán Ginelli, critical geographer and global historian, Hungary in Global Colonialism: Race, Decolonialism, and the Transperiphery Movement, Eszter Szakács, curator, editor, and researcher / tranzit.hu and OFF-Biennale Budapest, Transperiphery Movement: Global Eastern Europe and Global South – A Research Exhibition at OFF-Biennale Budapest 2021

Coffee break, Dimensions: Factual and Personal, Orsolya Polyacsko, sociologist, Migration in Hungary – recent developments in light of figures and research data, Frederick Odorige, activist, writer and evangelist, Migrants and refugees as true mirrors of host countries.