04/07/2019 – 06/07/2019
RIXC / The Art Academy of Latvia, the Latvian National Museum of Arts

The Un/Green symposium / conference  aims at complicating the pervasively employed notion of “green” by providing a cross-disciplinary platform for the discussions and artistic interventions exploring one of the most paradoxical and broadest topics of our times. The 4th Open Fields conference / symposium which aims to ‘un-green’ greenness, eco-systemically reconnect post-human postures, and discover and unpack ‘Naturally Artificial Intelligences.’

Alongside ‘green’, the central topic of this conference, the Open Fields 2019 organizers also welcome visionary and critically un-green, spectral-prismatic, post-anthropocentric, and socio-algorithmic proposals by artists, scientists, researchers and experts from different academic disciplines and professional fields.