Nahum, Voyage: A session for remembering… (performance)
23. 11.2017
ACE KIBLA / Kiblix 2017

“Our imagination flies – we are
its shadow on the Earth.”
– Vladimir Nabokov


In your mind there is a trip in oblivion. Once we walked together on a remote surface and it’s time to remember. Please seat comfortably, close your eyes and let yourself go… our journey has begun.

Voyage: A session for remembering… is a project by artist Nahum that explores the possibilities of creating an artwork inside people´s minds, internal and immaterial. At the same time, this performance questions the access of space travel for all.

Voyage: A session for remembering… is 40 minute long hypnosis performance where all the members of the audience will participate. No one will be observing and everyone will be travelling to a place you don’t remember anymore.

This performance has been shown in countries like Sweden, Mexico, UK, Germany and Canada. It’s completely safe and it only requires the following:

Participants must be willing and able to be hipnotised
The performance requires active participation of the audience
No drugs and alcohol should be ingested prior to the performance
Feeling mentally, emotionally and physically stable during the day of the performance
Have a strong desire to remember something you have forgotten.