Final conference of the Risk Change project
27. 8. 2020

ACE KIBLA / Zoom conference

– Barnabas Bencsik (ACAX),
– Živa Kleindienst (X-OP),
– Tijana Filipov Mezei (MSUV),
– Inaki Oyon Barrio (FOPSIM),
– Nadia Theuma (FOPSIM),
– Agnese Baranova (RIXC),
– Peter Tomaž Dobrila (X-OP),
– Peter Lubej (KIBLA),
– Lars Maria Schnatmann (TAKOMAT)
Moderator: Irena Borić


The final conference of the Risk Change project is conceived in order to bring the partners of the project together so they meet and make exchange of the highlights of the project. Within the conference, each partner had a 15min presentation and each partner had a chance to look into certain aspects of the Risk Change project and to emphasize possible strategies after the project officially ends.

The conference started with a presentation by FOPSIM who briefly outlined their contributions to the project. The most important aspect for them was building the community and creating new connections among participants, members of the organisation and moderators of activities. Particularly useful was that their activities resonated in other projects of their organisation and they will continue to develop this kind of programs in the future.

TAKOMAT presented their Risk Change mobile application and mentioned the highlights in relation to development of the application. For them it was also interesting to create new bonds with so many different organisations that are focused on art.

Museum of contemporary Art Vojvodina (MSUV) presented their activities through the project, they have done numerous exhibitions, artist talks, residencies and publications. For them the most important aspect was close collaboration with artists.

ACAX gave a detailed presentation of the particular art projects and exhibition, contextualising particular projects.

KIBLA had a brief presentation with emphasis on very satisfying work of all partners and it looked back into the experience of this collaboration.

 X-OP gave a detailed presentation of a discursive program and solo exhibitions. They particularly emphasised a few projects that were thought provoking and explained the methodology behind them.

RIXC presented their activities and their approach that gave another light to the Risk Change project. By exploring topics of post truth, surveillance and immersion as well as privacy they presented exhibitions that entangle art and technology.

The final presentation was by NKUA and they emphasised the research of relation between borders and technology. Throughout the project they have conducted many research projects and realised many lectures and they will seek to continue with further research on Academic level.

The conference was concluded with mutual discussion that looked into future steps after the end of the Risk Change project.