xtro realm: Climate Imagination /
part of Unstable State of Things exhibition
ACAX / ZOOM platform

The question of whether we are capable of an imagination that takes into account what man’s actual place in the world is, bearing in mind that nature is inseparable from society and ready for the hardest part: a productive, infinitely invasive paradigm to break the self-restraint of society. ” (Mark Losoncz)

In the framework of the Risk Change program, in connection with the exhibition of the Glassyard Gallery, experts of the different dimensions of ecological issues, pholosophers, economist and artists, Héla Hecker, Márk Losoncz and John Szabo will present their positions at 8 pm. on August 26, 2020, followed by an hour-long roundtable discussion moderated by Rita Süveges and Anna Zilahi, editors of Climate Imagination Reader.