20. 12. 2019
X-OP / KiBela, Ulica kneza Koclja 9, Maribor

He creates in many areas. He is an educated painter, in addition to painting, he also engages in illustration and performative arts. In recent years, music and sound design have made it to the top of his list of activities. As a keyboardist and occasional vocalist, he has worked with the local bands, such as Your Gay Thoughts and Lo-hi-fi.

He never steps into the same river; his versatility is also reflected in many collaborations with quite diverse artists: on stage, he accompanied the singer Polona Kasal and realized quite a few projects with multidisciplinary artist Jaša, and with musicians such as Bowrain and Katja Šulc. Uršič’s main music project is KALU; he has been performing underthat name for several years. He has released several recordings on various compilations. Later on, named KALU & The Gradient, he released his feature debut Get Well Soon, an album of casual but also club electronics and subtle pop. Get Well Soon was composed between 2016 and 2018.

It was created slowly, meticulously, and precisely through technical learning and sound experimenting, as well as discovering the craft of music-making. It is a skilled mix of instrumental and vocal – more classical songs and real dance club pieces, lucid arrangement twists, and a warm and rich sound panorama. It ranges from a wide variety of instruments, devices, and sounds to many inclusions of concrete sounds. It consists of nu soul and art-pop to bass, broken beat, and downtempo.

For him, the recordings are material created along the way through jamming and improvisation in a funk, soul, and r ‘n’ b groove. He also uses and transforms the groove during his stage appearances and performances, which are more than just concerts. They usually turn into audio-visual events, unique sessions, stage meditations, in which the audience dives and lets the playful electronic base knead it like a flexible living structure.