Olfamoštvo – orchestra 
21. 12. 2018
X-OP / KiBela, Ulica kneza Koclja 9, Maribor

When Andrej Von a.k.a. Olfamož transforms into Olfamoštvo, a state-of-the-art orchestra is formed that has no competition in our country or the world. The large group includes ten people, exceptional musicians, who come from literally all parts of Slovenia, so we do not often have the opportunity to see and hear them perform live.

Andrej Fon – guitars, tenor saxophone, voice
Vesna Godler – voice
Vid Drašler – drums, percussion
Ivo Poderžaj – electric bass
Martin Ukmar – electric guitar, percussion
Ana Kravanja – violin, balafon
Marko Jenič – violin
Jošt Drašler – double bass
Jasna Kolar – baritone saxophone
Samo Kutin – Hurdy Gurdy, synthesizer, percussion, recordings

Their concert is a mixture of innovation and exploration, unusual twists, and the search for new ways of musical expression, performed by ten fearless people and offered as a treat for the ears and brain. Their set of sounds is the product of home-made instruments and, above all, an imaginative approach to making music, with the help of often absurd musical techniques that elegantly correspond to their recitation of lyrics, singing, shouting, whining, grimaces, hypnotic fumbling, and the whole stage spectacle. Both aurally and textually, the Olfamoštvo is always on the verge of absurdity, supported by a good measure of humor relating to the world around them and Olfamož himself.

In their music, they derive from a DIY aesthetic, to which they add a sparkling, personal, playful, ironic, critical, sharp, and humorous note based on the primacy of the music played. Musically, Olfamoštvo are pleasantly raw, sometimes deliberately rough and at the same time artfully sophisticated, wholly original and continuously exploring, and above all, not interested in genre labels. To some, they may seem weird, street-like, but the songs they perform are true little modern symphonies, narrative opera arias by a self-expressing curious person and a virtuoso ensemble, which contains all the necessary and essential components of joy in bringing music to life.