Brest feat. Vesna Zornik 
21. 12. 2018
X-OP / KiBela, Ulica kneza Koclja 9, Maribor

Brest is a group that is a mixture of pop / rock / jazz / blues / alter / indie / ethno music.

Band Brest feat. Vesna Zornik consists of well-known faces, in addition to the singer of Katalena, mentioned earlier. Renowned jazz guitarist Samo Šalamon, who also writes all the music, plays the guitar. The rhythm section consists of bassist Samo Pečar (member of Bro and Siti hlapci) and drummer Bojan Krhlanko (a member of Laibach, Pero Lovšin Bend, The Stroj, etc.). At the debut Nemi film, released last year, the band presents itself with a skilfully executed mix of genres, from pop and songwriting to blues and rock. Kristina Kočan, one of the most prominent younger poets, is the author of lyrics for the songs. The band Brest released their debut Nemi film on March 21, 2017, on the first day of Spring and World Poetry Day. The album featured many guests – Boštjan Gombač (clarinet and trumpet), Daniel Marinič (accordion), Samo Pečar (bass), Andrej Hrvatin (percussion), Miloš Bogataj (lapsteel guitar) and Špela Huzjak (violin) – which additional enriched the genre diversity characteristic of the band. In addition to the mentioned genres, funk, americano, and bossa novo can also be found in carefully arranged songs on the album.

“The lyrics are lively, mischievous, witty, dreamy, sometimes bitter, never pathetic,” said Jure Longyka about the poetic work of the band Brest and the poetry of Kristina Kočan. In addition to the praises of the domestic media, a review from the online Bosnian magazine Barikada should also be highlighted. They wrote that the members of the band “created a world-class work of art with a mix of top-notch lyrics and instrumental performance!”