Andrej Strehovec: EUROPIA MEMBRANE / part of MIG 21

Andrej Strehovec, architect, intermedia designer, theorist, scenographer will present an opus in development “Europia Membrane”, where all of his basic professional fields rewire and which serves as an experimental project to study the state of society and social development opportunities, through technology and theory.


Europia membrane is a blown-up geometrical capsule with a single-person entrance. Inside, the visitor can hear a soundtrack of planet Jupiter*. The membrane is developed as an icon, representing the utopia of establishing an ideal society in Space. The structure refers to a timeframe from the first flight explorations, to the contemporary solutions for living in an alien environment. The membrane is used to establish a space within a space, for personal contemplation. Through its symbolic presence and experience of the interior, the structure aims to trigger a collective memory of Space discoveries and expectations regarding the development of society.

*Original space audio recordings provided courtesy of NASA and Donald Gurnett of The University of Iowa. (audio interpretation of charged solar particles reacting with the Magnetosphere of Jupiter, recorded by the PWS plasma wave instrument on Voyager 2 as the spacecraft was approaching Jupiter on July 2, 1979)


Project focuses on mapping the phenomena of abandened buildings, urban areas, cities and infrastructure all over the world. As the evermore migrating society of the future might not need to build new architecture, but rehabilitate abandoned settlements (by hacking existing healthy construction/infrastructure), we develop technologically autonomous, portable, inflatable module. Temporary, but new-quality life environment is infrastructural architecture for nomad-society.


In the spirit of the 1970s blow-up experiments by Haus-Rucker-Co, architect Andrej Strehovec’s inflatable capsules are a speculative proposal for bringing life back into municipal ruins of degraded urban areas. In this way, abandoned regions are rehabilitated, by reducing spatial degradation, which carries also econonomic goals. This is an experimental concept for future dwelling possibilities that integrates technologically autonomous inflatable capsules into abandoned municipal infrastructure. Instead of producing new building materials, a technologically autonomous, portable, inflatable module is developed. It provides a secondary shelter shell, enabling integration within old built-structures, which act as primary construction shells.


Regarding opus Europia Membrane a theoretical background is presented. It is described how opus interpretes a capsule as a methaphysical vessel and how it interpretes contemporary technologies as a collective capsule.


Andrej Strehovec, B.Arch., architect/critic (1978, Slovenia)

Andrej Strehovec is an architect, intermedia designer, theorist, scenographer; a graduate of the Faculty for Architecture at the University of Ljubljana.

He has been a professional architect since 2004, designing public buildings, housing, interiors and is an author of awarded architectural and urbanistic competitions.

As an architectural critic, he has been publishing in the field of architectural theory (Piranesi magazine) since 2010, while contributing online and to radio releases, and as a guest lecturer at art centers and universities.

He is collaborating internationally on intermedia art projects, working at the intersection between humanities, science, technology and scenography, using principles of capsular design. Those projects were exhibited in galleries, museums and art centers in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Czech, Israel, GB, …

Since 2015, he has been living between Slovenia and Serbia.

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