Rene Rusjan:
Mi. Predstavitev 17. edicije festivala Pixxelpoint, Nova Gorica
We. 17th Edition Pixxelpoint Festival, Nova Gorica

11. 11. 2016
ACE KIBLA / Kiblix 2016

In the 17 years of existence, the international festival Pixxelpoint from Nova Gorica has modified on several occasions its subtitle, which defines it and determines it focus: from the original festival of computer arts it shifted to digital, media, and new media arts; only to return this year with a brand new standpoint. The curator of this year’s edition, Rene Rusjan, opted for a festival of contemporary artistic practices, which opens it up to a broader context, without focusing on the media. A specialty of this year’s edition is a markedly long and branching process, which has been connecting the participating actors for months. It has been connecting artists to fellow artists and art students, to scientists, laboratories and research centers of the University of Nova Gorica, to the local community; in an attempt to explore the specifics of living close to a border in the light of international currents – all at the intersection of art, science, society, and the everyday life. The Pixxelpoint festival takes place this year between 2nd and 9th December 2016.

Rene Rusjan is a visual artist, professor and program director of the Arts Academy of the University of Nova Gorica. Her work is always a means of communication in the broadest sense of the word. She chooses the medium / approach / method according to the context and situation, whether it is an installation, a public social project, a participatory act, a video or interactive digital piece, a written correspondence, an article, a sonic work, a reading room, a workshop. She explores art through the prism of its role in our lives, as a tool of establishing communication between ourselves, the different levels of society, the attitude towards history and the present, the relations between different disciplines, the understanding of one another.

She has worked as a freelance artist until 2009; co-founded and lectured at Galerija GT Cultural Association (1988) and the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts in Ljubljana (1994) and co-created its successor, The New School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica (2009), presently called the Arts Academy (2016) of the University of Nova Gorica, where she has been acting as program director and professor of contemporary artistic practices since 2009.