Blaž Zafošnik: Presentation of platform Viar360

The company VIAR was founded in March 2015 to produce and sell virtual reality goggles ViarBox and develop the platform Viar360.

The company’s main product is the Viar360 platform, which allows the user to upload contents, add interactive elements, and combine them to create a whole – a VR story – by making the 360° photographs and videos interactive. It is an end-to-end platform, since it enables the creation of stories, while the clients are also offered the possibility of distribution via an online player to various devices (PCs, tablets, smart phones), and are provided with a detailed analysis of how users have watched the stories. The platform is in beta phase and is being marketed, among its users are Stanford University, California State University, Syracuse University, and others.

ViarBox goggles are foldable cardboard goggles, modeled on Google Cardboard headsets, with the advantage of functioning optimally with both smaller and larger phones; they are comfortable, because they are padded in several places; the goggles can also be printed and/or plasticized.