Gili Avissar
Solo artist/expert in residence


‘’I walked in the snow for hours every day. While the people in the museum were worried that I might catch a cold since I am not used to such weather, it was something I couldn’t miss, so I kept on walking,
usually not even knowing where I was headed. When I saw bridges I had the urge to cross them, wondering what awaited me on the other side. After crossing one of them I heard dogs bark and I was a bit afraid, so I waited a while. Then a woman came, and I asked her if the dogs were dangerous. She laughed and said “not at all”, so I walked on with her. We walking together for at least two hours, and she was very happy to have encountered a stranger, since she wanted to practice her English, and I was happy to have company on my way to wherever it was I was going. While walking I thought how much I was enjoying the landscape in Serbia, nature all covered with snow, everything looking so clean and simple, and I felt my brain getting much rest from this clear and white environment. We kept walking until she said that we arrived at her coffee rest, and she invited me to join. I drank tea, the fireplace was lit and we were the only ones there. Since I wished to reach Fruska Gora, I had to continue on my way. The teashop owners told me that it was not that close, and wished me good luck. I continued walking, partly on the highway, since the sidewalks were covered with snow. Every time a car or a truck passed I jumped back into the snow. It was already late afternoon and I wondered how the day would continue and where I would end up. Eventually I spotted a nice guest house. It looked empty, but then a young guy approached me and I asked him if they had anything to eat. He handed me the menu, and I had big eyes and ordered a few dishes, all of which were very tasty – soup, stuffed red pepper and all. Afterwards he showed me the room that they had available. He told me that I could stay or else I could join him on his way back to Novi Sad late that night. He also explained to me how to get back by bus. I liked not being pressured to stay there. In the end I took the bus back ‘home’. I exchanged contact details with both people I encountered that day, and was left with the warmest impression I had ever had while walking by myself. ‘’