Climate Imagination – Outdoor Reading Marathon
ACAX / Margarethe Island, in the nature, Budapest

Climate Imagination Reader launched in the spring 2020 by xtro realm artist research group is a ten-text collection, whose main objective is to help tackle the ecological and climate crisis. Through the writings of the members and invited authors, we have sought to examine the determinants of contemporary thinking that can bring us closer to unleashing the social imagination and thus result in more solidary, sustainable, and equitable visions. The series of eco-articles launched in the spring of 2020 was published on in a two-week breakdown.
As part of the Risk Change program, in connection with the Glassyard Gallery exhibition, a reader marathon was organized to read and discuss the three texts published in the Climate Imagination Reader. The workshop led by Kata Kiss, Eszter Őze and Zoltán Sidó (Turn), in the framework of the Climate Imagination Marathon Reading Circle starting on Sunday 30 August 2020 there is an opportunity to get deeper understanding on these hot issues of nowadays.