Zoran Todorović (born 1965, lives in Belgrade, Serbia) is a representative of biopolitical performance, radical body art, interhuman performance art, and politicized postmedia art. He works with affective individual and collective situations and representations of the borders of “human conditions.” He is an associate professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade.  Todorovic exhibited his work in numerous leading media art institutions and events in Europe and beyond and was the author of the Serbian pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale.

»I was informed about the project “Risk Change” (which treats the phenomenon of migration and related problems from different angles) as a participant at the exhibition “Tense Present,” where I’ve exhibited the work titled ‘Integration – Illegal people project.’ It is a work which, in its way, relates to these programatic orientations through focusing on the phenomenon of refuge, which it sees as a necropolitical construction while simultaneously reflecting the position of my own country as a country of the Second World within the global political order.«
Zoran Todorović