Fakulteta likovnih umetnosti Beograd: K+ 
13. 8.  4. 9. 2020
ACE KIBLA / KiBela, Ulica Kneza Koclja 9, Maribor

Exhibiting artists: Anastasija Pavić, Isidora Pejović, Jelena Jovčić, Lazar Zagradjanin, Milica Bilanović, Milena Pešut, Aleksandrina Bošnjak, Alfa, Ivana Kosanović, Tijana Petrović, Zoran Todorović.

The works presented at the exhibition of students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of New Media, were created in the last year in the subject Transmedia Research, which is conducted in the class of Assoc. prof. Zoran Todorović. It is a selection of works that can be thematized to a certain extent, with questions that are researched and related to contemporary art production, the position of young artists, and testing a broader everyday culture. The program in which these works are created insists on post-media treatment, which generates events that can be presented in various media formats, photography, video, generic images, performance, and the like.
– Zoran Todorović, prof.