Ana Čigon: Phony Towns II 
13. 12. 2019 — 11. 1. 2020
X-OP / KiBela, Ulica Kneza Koclja 9, Maribor

“Dear Europe, do you remember me still? I am one of your younger daughters from the Balkans (…) There is something I wanted to let you know. I think it’s important (…) I hope you’re proud of me. (…) Drop by sometime, even if just to chat about (…) uncle Sam, or sex, or golf.”

The exhibition Phony Towns II is a second iteration of the video installation Phony Towns, a satirical critique of contemporary socio-political changes which we have been witnessing in the local, Euro-pean and global sphere over the past few years, or decades. On this occasion, the set-up of the video installation, where the viewer digitally manipulates the landscape in order to travel between different geopolitical spaces, is accompanied by photographs, in which the topic of discussion shifts to local cultural-political issues in the city of Maribor. Phony Towns II humorously deals with the alarming condition of our contemporary society, which is permeated by an erosion of values, the rise of political populism, and the relentlessness of the neoliberal economic fabric of the world.

Ana Čigon (1982) is an artist that creates in the fields of video art, film and performances. Her projects tackle social issues, such as under-representation of women in history, memory and public monuments, LGBTIQ+ topics, critique of neoliberalism, its brutal impact on people’s lives and its devastating impact on nature, etc. Her works often contain elements of humour, irony and satire. She presents her works at solo and group exhibitions and film festivals in Slovenia and internationaly. For her video art she received several awards: she is the winner of OHO Award, finalist for the Slovenia Henkel Award and finalist of Vordemberge Gildewart Foundation Award. Her films have been selected in competition programs on international film festivals worldwide, and her animation Rebellious Essence received five international awards. She is also the author of a few solo performances, and often participates in the performances of other authors.

Consulting: Andreja Kopač
Production: Association X-OP