Konstantinos Vattes, Researcher, NKUA: “Science, Technology, Environment, Migration: Sustainability transitions”

In his lecture on Thursday, 12/12/2019, Konstantinos Vattes, presented and analysed inputs and approaches coming from the scientific field titled “Sustainability Transitions”. Transitions Studies are an interdisciplinary field of social sciences that understands technological transformations towards sustainable development as both a technological and a social process. During the presentation, the main features of the Multi-Level Perspective model, which is the most popular and mature model in the field, were analysed and discussed.

Inspired by the parameters (and limitations) of this model, migration and migration flows were approached as a pressure coming from the socio-technical landscape that could aggravate or contribute to the transformation of a specific technological system. In this framework, it has been discussed how the current “refugee crisis” could be understood also as such a pressure on various technological systems – for instance the water supply or the drainage systems. The lecture led to a short workshop with case-studies analysis of such transformations that could happen on the Greek islands.

Find more (including pictures) at: http://riskchange.phs.uoa.gr/past-events/lectures.html