Creative Idea Modules 
TAKOMAT / KIBLA PORTAL, Valvasorjeva ulica 40, Maribor

KIBLA: Aleksandra Kostic, Peter Lubej.
X-OP: Ziva Kleindienst, Peter Tomaz Dobrila.
TAKOMAT : Prof. Daniel Schwarz, Lars Schnatmann

In this session we talked about several cases of using the risk change app as a creative module tool.  For example the app can show street performance events and therefore can be used for such projects like, which we informed about our work and the app.  Another use could be to put virtual art objects in the real world. We implemented this feature hanging art works on planes in the real world. See for images and presentation the deep linking : .

We also trained the Kibla and X-OP team on the Risk Change app.