Container Doxa 
26. 10. 2019
X-OP / KiBela, Ulica kneza Koclja 9, Maribor

Container Doxa is a modular constellation for musical, conceptual, and other diverse endeavors. In its sound, club electronics flirt with free improvisation. Tangential socio-political commentaries lead to glowing psychedelia. A few more coordinates: palm trees, stroboscope, oil, dance floor, and jazz visions of the future.

The project was born in 2017. The album Less Than Nothing was released in 2018. Container Doxa has performed all over Slovenia and in several parts of Europe. By 2019, the average age of the cast has dropped by a good decade. The Container Doxa is cohesive and striking, yet idiomatically open. Their live performance is probably one of the most unique audio-visual experiences in our space.

Pia Reš – laptop, vocals, saxophone
Gasper Livk – laptop, double bass, bass guitar
Leonard Medica – laptop, electric guitar
Stella Ivšek – visuals
Anže Zorman – operations
Dré Hočevar – artistic leadership & other

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