Consortium Meeting 
TAKOMAT / ACAX, Budapest


The first version of the Risk Change app was presented to the consortium at this meeting where the features of the app were discussed with all partners. Feedback on the app was summarised for incorporation into the development of the app.

An additional program for the workshop was to visit the Easttopics gallery with contemporary art and migration topic exhibition:

Easttopics Artist in Residence | Milica Mijajlović (SRB/CZ), Budapest, Képíró u. 6, 1053 Hungary


The focus of  of this visit was the impact the war in Serbia had on a young child and artist Milica Mijajlović who documented her war experience in her art. One art object was a video about escaping “migrating” people showing the fear and inhumanity of war. Another visit was the Gólya co-operative to build a creative place for artist. The following link provides more information on Gólya


The Gólya gave us inspiration on how to implement creative idea modules in a way that promotes cooperation and positivity. . It involved inviting participants to be part of the cooperation by telling them when events are happening and including them in the agenda. Using the risk change app information for the neighbourhood showings are promoted and other activities currently underway

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