City Gallery Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
15. – 17. 7. 2019
X-OP  /  Presentations of rc at eu/international level

Association X-OP was invited to attend the opening of Mladen Miljanović’s solo exhibition at the City Gallery in Bihać. In addition, Živa Kleindienst was invited to take part in the discussion on the topic of art and migration, with special emphasis on the presentation of Risk Change project.

The exhibition The Didactic Wall by Mladen Miljanović was accompanied by a round table with the artist, Mladen Miljanović, art historians Claudia Zini, Živa Kleindienst, Uroš Čvoro and curator Tijana Mišković, as participants, and the exhibition curator, Irfan Hošić, as moderator. The intention of this round table and individual presentations was to initiate discussion focused on culture and art in the context of migration, as well as on the issue of effectiveness of engaged artistic projects as a potential way of mitigating specific problems in a specific context. Živa Kleindienst, as a representative of Association X-OP presented project Risk Change, main activities, conceptual frameworks as well as future possibilities of collaboration between curators, artists, insititutions and people on the move and had the opportunity to discuss relevant topics with guests who are one of the most critical and progressive artists, art historians, curators and educations in the regional and global context. The event was also a great opportunity to connect further with KUMA International, an NGO from Sarajevo, which organises educational activities and Summer School on the Contemporary Art in Bosnia and Herzegovina (founded by Claudia Zini), Irfan Hošić (art historian, curator and writer) who is the founder of REVIZOR and cultural center KRAK in Bihać, as well as a professor at the Univeristy of Bihać, Tijana Mišković (art historian, educator, curator) from Copenhagen and Uroš Čvoro (art historian, writer and critic), profesor at the University of Western Australia.

Association X-OP continued collaborations with all the exceptional individuals and institutions in forms of webinars, book collaborations, published texts and knowledge exchange.