Open Call for citizen’s contributions within the exhibition ‘We’re Not Like Them’
MMSU / Krešimirova 26c, 51000 Rijeka

OPEN CALL for artworks for *We’re not Like Them* exhibition (EU project RISK CHANGE) MMSU, Rijeka, 26 September to 10 November 2019

Cordial or cold? Two-faced and fanatic? Pacific or aggressive? In the final episode of RISK CHANGE, we deal with prejudices with which we construct the picture about others, but we also address the question of how others see us. On the intersection of contemporary art, anthropology and social psychology, we examine an unusual glossary containing the terminology of ‘the other’ – a neighbor, a stranger, a newcomer.

Photo credits: Manon Avram & Pierre Audouard – Chacun sa Place (artwork from the exhibition Escape)


The artworks will be selected by the jury of five members – the MMSU curators Katerina Jovanović, Ksenija Orelj, Sabina Salamon, Marina Tkalčić and Vana Gović (Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral). The selected works will be shown in an exhibition that will be held from 26 September to 10 November 2019.

Open call closes on 14 July 2019

The application must contain:
– name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address
– CV
– description of the work and work documentation (sketch, photo, video etc)
– technical information about the way the work is displayed

Guidance notes for applicants:
– each author can send only one proposal
– the authors can propose a new work or an existing work
– the applications are sent to, with a note ‘For the exhibition’
– the author’s net fee is HRK 3.400,00 (450 €) if it is an already existing work (regardless of whether the applicant is an art collective or an individual author), and HRK 5.600,00 (750 €) if it is a new artwork created for the exhibition We’re Not Like Them. MMSU covers the expenses of artwork transport and travel and accommodation expenses. MMSU doesn’t cover extra production costs.

The open call closes on 14 July 2019, while the decision about the selected proposals will be published by 30 July 2019.


The program is supported by the EU program Creative Europe, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the City of Rijeka. The exhibition is part of the programme line Kitchen, within the ECOC Rijeka 2020.

The contents of this open call do not express the opinion of the EU program Creative Europe, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the City of Rijeka, but only the opinions and stands of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

MMSU Rijeka Risk Change Open Call for citizens

We invite citizens to send their contributions (jokes, phrases, short stories, drawings, photos or videos) about the foreigners/the others in their own environment. Contributions can be in the native language and/or translated into English and will be exhibited at the international group exhibition We’re not like them.

The exhibition will be held as the fourth episode of the European project RISK CHANGE at the MMSU from 26th September until 10th November 2019.


Open Call for citizen’s contributions within the exhibition ‘We’re Not Like Them’

Photo credits: Photo is taken from the web-page