Symposium 3:
Kontrasti bijega / Contrasts of Escape
5. 12.2018
MMSU / Krešimirova 26c, 51000 Rijeka


Gordan Bosanac, human rights acitivist

Ana Dana Beroš, architect and researcher,  and Matija Kralj, artist

Sanja Janović, psychiatrist, group analyst

Dragan Markovina, historian and writer


The symposium Contrasts of Escape talks about the psychological, social and historical perspective of the escape. It questions escape as a necessity, choice or privilege against the social mechanisms of control, especially in the European space. The presentation by Gordan Bosanac is concerned with the development of control methods in the 21st century due to the rapid development of technology. It considers the legitimacy of the surveillance system and its impact on the human right to privacy. The lecture by Ana Dana Beroš and Matija Kralj includes an overview of the experimental film Geotrauma, based on a  study that lasted for several years and have delt with border areas and refugee camps in Europe, and their perception in the wider public sphere. Sanja Janovic represents the escape as a survival mechanism, taking into account different clinical patterns of escape – escape into health, illness, in the unconscious. The lecture by Dragan Markovina addresses the cultural and political role of the Mediterranean and Balkan areas in relation to the European Union, focusing on the question of what has happened to Europe without borders and the humanistic perspective of a united Europe.

Photo credits: Diana Zrilić

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