Integration and Food –
as part of the series of events Integration and Arts


During our Risk Change (a #CreativeEurope project) event, Mr. Vladimir Stojanovic from the #familijasrpskirestoran presented his experience opening the restaurant which was initiated by himself and his two partners, all Serbians from the same city.

They shared the dream of opening a restaurant in Malta with their home’s food. As Mr. Stojanovic described, it is very important to have good planning and budgeting. In searching for a place to host their restaurant, the partners decided that it was very important to find a space that already had a professional kitchen. Of equal importance is staying true to the quality of the food. The three partners were dedicated to having food that tastes exactly as it does in their hometown. It was a common decision that the restaurant would be a place where money meets its value, or else, keeping the quality high and the prices low, aiming at making the restaurant accessible to all.

After presentation participants had a chance to talk with our guests and to learn more about Serbian food and specialties. This is an example of good praxis when food support integration of specific person or group.

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