Kick-Off Meeting & Creative Idea Modules 
TAKOMAT / KIBLA PORTAL, Valvasorjeva ulica 40, Maribor

KIBLA: Aleksandra Kostic, Peter Lubej.
X-OP: Ziva Kleindienst, Peter Tomaz Dobrila.
TAKOMAT : Prof. Daniel Schwarz, Lars Schnatmann

TAKOMAT prepared and presented the concept of the risk change app and talked about its features in the context of the risk change grant agreement objectives. All attendees brainstormed the concept and art use case scenarios, which could be supported by the app as a creative module tool. We planned a roadmap of the further development of the app and tasks to undertake the work. As a results new features have now been incorporated in the app; for example, the app is showing several Creative Idea Modules workshops and is itself a tool to challenge and then show or create solutions.