Pigment – Láthatósági zónák / Zones of Visibility
ACAX / Glassyard gallery, Paulay Ede u. 25-27, Budapest


List of works


Radek Brousil | Aneta Grzeszykowska | El-Hassan Róza| Svatopluk Mikyta | Perlaki  Márton | Puklus Péter | Lukasz Skapski | Vermeir & Heiremans

csoportos kiállítás | group show

The next exhibition of the Glassyard Gallery presents a selection of works by artists from the gallery and by invited guest artists, in a context that represents artistic reflections on the global socio-economic crisis of recent years. An international group show about visual prejudice, color discrimination, the role of skin in identity constructions, welfare chauvinism in responding to mass refugee crisis, social insensitivity, and the logic of global flow of capital.