20/10/2017 – 28/11/2017
RIXC / kim? Contemporary Art Centre

The contemporary digital art exhibition was introducing new immersive experiences, whereby exploring complex relations between the “virtualities” and “realities” in our post-media society with its networked communities and migrating cultures.

The exhibition Virtualities and Realities showed 25 artworks that experiment with augmented and virtual reality, create immersive environments, use brainwave sensors, and envision the future of our society in a new era of virtual experiences.

Curator: Raitis SMITS, RIXC

Marc LEE (CH), Jacques PERCONTE (FR), Juuke SCHOORL (NL), Brenna MURPHY (US), Hans BREDER (US), Clement VALLA (US), Matteo ZAMAGNI & Daniel BEN-HUR (UK/IT), Zane ZELMENE (LV), The Swan Collective / Felix KRAUS (DE), Annie BERMAN (US), Felipe CUCKER & Hector RODRIGUEZ (HK), Gunta DOMBROVSKA (LV), Martin John CALLANAN (UK/IE), Nina FISCHER & Maroan EL SANI (DE), Santa FRANCE (LV), Greta HAUER (UK), Martin HESSELMEIER & Andreas MUXEL (DE/AT), Raphael KIM (UK), Michal KINDERNAY (CZ), Christopher MANZIONE & Seth CLUETT (US), Andrew MCWILLIAMS (UK), Melodie MOUSSET & Naem BARON (CH/FR), Hanns Holger RUTZ (AT), Julia SOKOLNICKA (PL/NL), Danielle ZORBAS (AU/GR) 

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