Talk: Huub Dijstelbloem:
“The border goes where the movement is” 
NKUA / Dracopoulos Amphitheatre

A very successful talk was given by University of Amsterdam Professor Huub Dijstelbloem, under the title “The border goes where the movement is”. The talk was organized in the framework of 8th Tensions of Europe Conference, in collaboration with the EU Risk Change Project, of which the History and Philosophy of Science Department of NKUA is a partner. 
More than 300 people attended Professor Dijstelbloem’s talk on the subject of migration and borders, focusing on the movable borders and more precisely on the hotspots that EU created in Italy and Greece as a response to what is often called the refugee crisis, as well as the EU’s ‘remote control’. The talk also covered the externalization of border control and migration management to other countries, most notably in Africa, of which the EU-Turkey deal is an example.

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