The Risk Change project is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the Creative Europe programme. Starting from a collaboration of ten European partners, Risk Change aims to create, connect, compare, disseminate and promote contemporary EU interdisciplinary art related to social studies and migration. The project covers the field of contemporary interdisciplinary culture, art and creativity connected to science, especially social and applied sciences and ICT. Risk Change will increase transnational mobility, audience development, digitalization and new sustainable model. Risk Change entails interacting with different target audiences, especially building connectivity between new-coming migrants and settled inhabitants of multicultural EU communities.


This open call is intended to students, curators, educators, artists, cultural workers, ICT’s experts, thinkers, hackers, social scientists, engineers, writers, storytellers, game designers, coders...

The project will deal with the following issues, always related to migration : ecology, energy, multicultural community, human rights, health, integration, nutrition and food.

The project can take one of the following forms : installation, interactive experience / new media (augmented reality / 360 ° video / transmedia), game, edition.

During the residency, the project’s holder will endeavor to animate a day of workshop, meeting or any other form of transmission, directly involving the target communities of migrants.

Particular attention will be paid to cross-cutting projects between artistic creation and physical / social science, design, web development, technology.


The selected project will benefit from one month’s residency, from June 20th to July 20th 2017, in Marseille (France).


The selected project’s holder will have access to ZINC’s medialab (digital discovery and practice space) and fablab (digital manufacturing site) as well as all the equipment available, namely : computers with DTP software, 360 ° camera, augmented reality masks, traditional do-it-yourself tools, computer-controlled machines (3D printers, 2D and laser cutters, CNC) and sound and video equipment.

He will also benefit from a personal workspace and accommodation on site for the duration of the residency period.


A total grant of € 5,000 will be awarded to the selected project, including artistic fees, material production costs, documentation, accommodation, transport …


To apply for this grant, it is required to send your project’s file (research project or project in current production) by email only, to the following address :

mentioning in subjec «Call for Projects Risk change – Solo residency».

This project’s file must include :

  • A presentation of your artistic research project (or project in current production) with a note of intent and motivation (one page)
  • The form of creation envisaged
  • An overview of your past productions/projects
  • Your references
  • Your technical needs
  • The list of people or partners already involved in the project
  • The list of the financings acquired or in the process of being applied for.


Following the submission deadline, projects will be studied by the curatorial committee gathering the different European partner organizations. On the advices of the international committee, ZINC will proceed to the final selection.

Note that this final selection will take into account the possibility of a public presentation of the produced work, in autumn 2018.

The results will be made public not later than May 30th, 2017.


The deadline for applications is May 15th, 2017.


For further information :

Marylou Bonnaire, Production


ACE KIBLA, Maribor – Slovenia . ACAX/League of Independent Art Spaces, Budapest – Hungary . RIXC, Riga – Latvia . MMSU, Rijeka – Croatia . MSU Vojvodina, Novi Sad – Serbia . 7scenes, Amsterdam – Netherlands . FOPSIM, Zejtun – Malta . The Mighty Creatives, Leicester – United Kingdom . Department of Philosophy and History of Science, School of Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens – Greece . ZINC, Marseille – France