Design Week:
Katedra za tekstilne materiale in oblikovanje,
Fakulteta za strojništvo, UM
Design Week: 
Research and innovation centre for design and clothing science,
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor

10. 11. 2016
ACE KIBLA / Kiblix 2016

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will present this year’s fresh creations, which were designed as part of the 5th International Winter School Design Week 2016. The students focused on fashion in the light of technology, individual concepts and smart clothing, the play of light and the light-dark contrast in the free weaving technique.      

The CEEPUS Winter School Design Week 2016 combines scientific and artistic disciplines by connecting the creative endeavors of students coming from different universities and countries. In the frame of lectures and workshops, the students are confronted with theoretical and practical aspects of fashion design, contemporary wearable computer technology, and new solutions. Interdisciplinary creative workshops (Light-Dark, Fashion in the Light of Technology, The Play of Light, Photography – Painting with Light, 3D Modeling Tools in the Clothing Design Process, Portfolio, Transparency, Study of White Matter’s Transparency in the Case of Little White Dress) offer the students a chance to develop their ideas and devise individual concepts for new solutions.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering promotes high quality pedagogic and scientific and research work in the field of engineering sciences. The faculty slogan is “Engineers co-creating a better future”. 

prof. dr. Jelka Geršak