23. marec 2017 | 18.15 | FH JOANNEUM

Creation Process

Peter Tomaž Dobrila

The Creation Process raises topics such as openness vs. closeness, collaboration vs. competition, free vs. ours / theirs, copyYES vs. CC, copyLe  or copyRight, public vs. private, wideness vs. deepness, tangible vs. non-tangible, material vs. virtual, syntactic vs. semantic.
It shows there is more than just logistic dichotomies and unveils media as a creative tool and as a carrier of the information, either in the o -line or on-line world, in both, wired and mobile technologies. Consequently, it is mirrored by our society, like media driven reality in the direction of mono-, multi- and inter-media cultural and artistic, research and scienti c, educational and training platform. Technology as a form that changes content could be taken by initiative from below as digital literacy or by dictate from above as digital slavery.

Peter Tomaž Dobrila
Artist, mentor, adviser. Founder of Multimedia Centre KIBLA, Maribor in 1996, which is the most successful Slovenian organisation regarding EU programs from 2002 to 2012. Coordinator of the winning candidacy for Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture. Co-initiator of Ljubljana 2010 – World Book Capital (UNESCO) and Maribor 2013 – European Youth Capital. Co-curator of Contemporary Art from Slovenia exhibition in European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany in 2011. Commissioner for the presentation of Slovenia at 13th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Italy in 2012.
Rich experience in NGO sector, from KIBLA to Scienti c and Research Association for Arts, Cultural and Educational Programs and Technology EPEKA to social enterprises and to Association for Art and Audio-Visual Production KODA MODRO. He is also employed at Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia as General Director of Directorate for Arts, Member of Minister’s O ce and Adviser to Minister.
Fellow of the European Academy for Digital Arts.



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