RISK CHANGE (2016-2020)
X-OP Discourse Series


On Saturday, 8 February 2020, at 6 p. m. (MMC Kibla), you are kindly invited to attend a lecture and screening of short films, an event performed in collaboration with the Academy of Moving People and Images (AMPI) from Helsinki, Finland. Our guest will be Elham Rahmati, curator and producer.

The presentation will be followed by a screening of three short films, and a discussion with our guest. The event is the first in a series of lectures and workshops held by the Association X-OP as part of the project Risk Change (2016—2020). Between February and May you will have a chance to listen and talk to (international) guests working in different spheres of culture, contemporary visual arts, filmmaking, architecture, and education.

Elham Rahmati will present the international educational filmmaking platform Academy of Moving People and Images, which was established last year. After the introductory presentation we will watch three short films, which were created by last year’s group of participants in AMPI’s program. In the discussion following the screening, we will talk about the significance and sustainable development of such a (free-of-charge) non-formal education platform in the field of filmmaking, and try to position it within a broader social context. The discussion will be moderated by Žiga Brdnik.



6 p. m. Presentation and lecture by Elham Rahmati
7 p. m. Film Screening
8 p. m. Talk with Žiga Brdnik



Academy of Moving People and Images is a platform in Helsinki for mobile people – those who have arrived in Finland for different reasons, be they immigrants, asylum seekers, students, or employees. Our aim is to design a new learning model and a sustainable pedagogical platform where people who have arrived in Finland from different backgrounds get to contribute to the film industry, and initiate change.

Every year, a group of mobile people are selected to take part in one year of the hands-on and fee-free program of the Academy of Moving People & Images. It is not necessary for the participants to have a background in cinema, however, it is important for them to have a passion for filmmaking.

The first year of the project was kicked off in January of 2019 with an Open Call. The selected participants started their studies with AMPI in April. In the span of the next 10 months, they went through many workshops and private mentorships in different fields of filmmaking such as scriptwriting, directing, lighting & cinematography, acting, sound recording & editing, film editing, creative producing, film & critical theory, etc. Each participant made a short film of their own and performed all the essential roles necessary to realize the other participants’ films.

Academy of Moving People and Images does not have a space of its own, it operates within the space of its many collaborators such as Aalto University (ViCCA, Critical Cinema Lab), Goethe Institut Finnland, G.A.P, HIAP, Design Museum Helsinki, The Finnish Film Foundation (SES), Museum of Impossible Forms, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Helsinki, The University of Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy, Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute-Stage and Theatre Technology /Make-up, Taidekoulu MAA, Artlab Productions, Caisa,
Third Space and Publics. Through this mobility, the participants get to know the Finnish art scene and surround themselves with a creative network.

Academy of Moving People and Images is supported by Kone Foundation.

Creative Team:
Erol Mintaş / Founder & Artistic Director
Elham Rahmati / Curator & Producer

Salla Sorri / Directing, Jonas Rothlaender / Directing, Mikko Viljanen / Scriptwriting, Erol Mintaş / Script Development & Directing, Christopher L. Thomas / Lighting & Cinematograph, Sherwan Haji / Acting, Jemina Sillanpää / Camera Acting, Jaakko Kiljunen / Acting, Kirsi Korhonen / Sound Recording & Editing, Inka Lahti / The Art and Technique of Film Editing, Mete Sasioglu / Creative Producing, Alejandro Pedregal / Film & Critical Theories, Sezgin Boynik / Forms of Representation, Vilja Autiokyrö / Scriptwriting


Academy of Moving People & Images is pleased to present 3 short films from the absorbing collection of short films made by the 11 emerging filmmakers trained in the one-year program of the Academy of Moving People & Images before their release to the international film festival circuit.