ACE KIBLA, Wednesday, 14.11., between 15.00 and 19.00, and on Thursday, 15.11., between 10.00 and 15.00

Workshop is suitable for students of humanistic studies, artistic and technological studies, for enthusiasts of radio transmission and in short for all interested in intermedia approaches, radio and public spaces.

The workshop will try to find out, where at public spaces (shops, bars, restaurants, public services…) we can still hear the radio contents. We will be interested in a way, at which the radio is present there, what is it for, how does it co-create or co-design this particular place and so forth. In general we are going to perform mapping of FM radio landscape in public spaces.

So that the process will be more interesting and that it will open more than just one layer of content, we will also try and use the help of technologies and tools (radio transmitter, Raspberry Pi, smartphones) to perform a simple intervention into public radio space.