Crne krabulje

MMSU, 14th December 2017 – 22nd February 2018

Otvorenje: 14th December2017 at 7:00 p.m.

MMSU @ Krešimirova 26c

Ex-factory Rikard Benčić

Exhibition Black Disguises deals with migrations that produce excess in everyday life. By this we mean that migration process cannot be a result of a stable condition, but an outcome of going beyond: beyond authority, beyond boundaries or borders, beyond measures or regulations.

With a foothold in art practices and the current social condition, the exhibition addresses the issues of migrations, labor and economy. It explores the potential of change as the necessity in life and the risks of facing the everydayness that are placed both before the migrants and the people who are not in the process of migrating (yet). Taking different approaches – from personalized and poetic to documentary and critical – the exhibited works highlight the (im)possibility of coping with the situations of broken security and protection, with disorientation and hopelessness, with the struggles of optimism and togetherness. At the junction of politics and poetry, the second edition of the international project RISK CHANGE presents twelve authors who move away from the socio-political statistics and explore the emotional and mental background of migrations.


International group exhibition openning: ‘Black Disguises’

Foto: Carlos Aires – Sweet Dreams are Made of This, video, 2016.