in Novi Sad
October 18th until 28th, 2017

Peter Tomaž Dobrila, Martina Zelenika Moon, Ale de la Puente, Vlado Repnik, Simon Macuh. Photo by Nina Jeza, in the background Petra Kapš.

RISKCHANGE partners are pleased to announce the second part of KIBLA’s touring residence with following group of artists: Petra Kapš (SLO), Simon Macuh (SLO), Miha Erjavec (SLO) and Vlado Repnik (SLO), accompanied by curators Peter Tomaž Dobrila (SLO), Nina Jeza (SLO) and Sanja Kojić Mladenov (SRB).

Group residencies are taking place on 4 EU locations in 2 years with emphasis on the importance of continuation of a process in order to finalise a group artwork, which is going to be presented at several EU exhibitions at the end of 2018, in 2019 and 2020 and after the project Risk Change.

Residency program started in 2017 and concludes in late summer or early autumn 2018.

Second residence in Novi Sad is hosted by Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina (http://www.msuv.org), and will take place in the beautiful outskirts and surroundings of Serbian town Novi Sad. Hosting institution will provide facilities, links and places for work and connect touring artists with local migration community.

Artists will be publishing their materials on RC touring residences blog. Materials gathered in previous residency (in Zejtun, Malta) are already published on rctouring.riskchange.eu, and the first glimpse of upcoming touring artworks will be on display in November 2017 at KIBLIX Festival in Maribor.